Home Elevators

Home elevators are a smaller version of commercial elevators, intended for use in a single family dwelling to transport the occupants from one floor to another. Residential elevator manufacturing guidelines are defined by the National Elevator Safety Code (ANSI A17.1) and have a maximum platform area of 15 square feet, with the following capacity: 950, 1000, and 1500.

Typically residential elevators have a running speed of 20 Feet per Minute in the up direction with a slower speed in the down direction. They have many safeties built into the operation of the elevator equipment, very similar to commercial elevators that are installed within our public buildings here in the United States.

Many changes have been adopted over the last 20 years within the residential elevator manufacturers’ processes. You can now install larger elevators in homes that are covered under the guidelines of the Commercial Elevator Code, without a variance.

We are proud to offer within our package of elevator products, several of the highest quality, most reliable and very durable products offered in the elevator industry.

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